The Day Is Loud

by Hector MacInnes

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released November 1, 2015

All songs written and performed by Hector MacInnes, except A Long Time Ago and The Day Is Loud: music by Hector MacInnes, lyrics by Edna St Vincent Millay.

I recorded this album at Stiùidio Ostaig and on location on the Isle of Skye.

Cover Image by Philippa Thomas.

Videos for JULIET and NOT HAD A FRIEND LIKE YOU, as well as info on all my work, are available at



all rights reserved


Hector MacInnes Isle Of Skye, UK

Composer, songwriter and producer from the Isle of Skye.

I also play with The Dead Man's Waltz.

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Track Name: Juliet
Lay down, Juliet
You've got nowhere to go
I'm no Romeo
I want to live till I'm old

People, people talk
But they don't understand
Hold me, when you wake up
You will still have my hand

Morning will come,
Hemlock, I've none

Some day, Juliet
We'll have things of our own
I'll go door to door
Till I find us a home

What price, what price the love
Of a gangster or two
Hell take this family of mine
They've got nothing on you

Lay down the gun
And together we'll run

Still now, Juliet
I hear steps in the hall
Julie, sweet Juliet
Can you hear me at all?

Sweet Juliet,
Don't leave me yet...
Track Name: Not Had A Friend Like You
I saw you trying to bring her round
With only one oar
Raise your arms baby, I’ll come down
and bring you ashore
I’ve not had a friend like you before

No, no, no, I’ve not had a friend like you
No, no, no, I’ve not had a friend like you

We’ll go back out on a summer’s day
Wipe ‘em away
I can’t tell what it has in store
Right in the core
But I’ve not had a friend like you before

No, no, no, I’ve not had a friend like you
No, no, no, I’ve not had a friend like you

Now I’ve got friends up and down the land
When I need a hand
I just call them and they’re on board
And they never get sore
But I’ve not had a friend like you before

No, no, no, I’ve not had a friend like you
No, no, no, I’ve not had a friend like you
Track Name: Dunsinane
There goes the rule book again
Shattering another window pane
You’ll find me working up more of the same
Til Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane

Through the air I watch it arc and reel
Among the leaves upon the pine and steel
The endless waste and timeless grace will train
The eyes of Birnam Wood on Dunsinane

Soon, soon, we’ll reap out guise in Birnam
Soon, soon, we’ll march it east again
And we’re whole, and we’re home
In the end.

Until that day, we’ll have to stay our hand
Not to build a mansion on the sand
Til Beulahland is built among the cane
Til Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane.
Track Name: Where And How
Now, now is the time I love
There’s water upon the trees
And there’s fire among the leaves.

Work, work is the poor man’s sleep
Sleep is the poor man’s drink
As the taillights of summer shrink
They shrink into nothing.

Where and how does you heart beat now?
What makes your soft lips sigh?
For who do your blue eyes cry?

Friends, I used to have some friends
Some real and some pretend
But such are the hearts of men.

Home, I used to feel at home
I’d stay here and feed my own
But no man makes bread I know
By living alone.

Where and how does you heart beat now?
What makes your soft lips sigh?
For who do your blue eyes cry?
Track Name: A Long Time Ago
I'll keep a little tavern
Below the high hill's crest
Wherein all grey eyed people
May sit them down to rest

There shall be plates a plenty
And mugs to melt the chill
Of all the grey eyed people
Who happen up the hill

There sound will sleep the traveller
And dream his journey's end
But I will rouse at midnight
The falling fire to tend

It is a curious fancy
But all the good I know
Was taught me out of two grey eyes
A long time ago
Track Name: Staffin
So far and fast have I come today
Driven here from England
To England I came in pleasant company
To stand, stand by the roadside here
Looking down on Staffin Island
And here by the roadside find myself with thee

Not so fast or far from here
Even since I was a young man
I've worked and wined and wed and withered all
But now and then the months and years
Have brought the mountain to Mohammed
I believe I've seen all I want to see of the world

Won't you tell me what you've seen
Rounding the horizon
What silver vessel has flashed to you its oar
What bright sail or Kelpie fair
On the surf a riding
Where I belong we don't see such things any more

Well I will tell you all I saw
It's not what you imagine
No glittering ocean ever courted then my mind
Only shadows, shadows there
Murderous and silent
There on Staffin Island, still and biding time

I believe I know of what you speak
Although that may surprise you
I long ago among such shadows crept
And landed here in the dead of night
But only for fresh water
No darker purpose idled while you slept

I'll grant you this, there is a well
There among the bracken
And I'll grant you still that you found it only so
But you and I were servants then
Of a deeper thing than water
And while we washed upon the surface, there were unseen tides below

So where and how do we go from here
Who even would believe us
The years since then have shrunk me by a third
The world it seems is a kind of place
Both beautiful and violent
Now hush that Staffin Island might have the final word
Track Name: Road Of Bones
Frozen is the earth today
Frozen is the earth tomorrow
Earnest is the winter sun
But it only serves to light our sorrow

Shadows draw us to the ground
Even as our sun is rising
This mile is longer than a life
Empty is the close horizon

Here upon the road of bones
Working on the road of bones

I have no memories to spare
Of when we used to play as children
I have no words with which to share
A truth that I once knew for certain

And the feet that used to walk by yours
And the hands you used to hold in your hands
Are turning into heavy steel
To beat and carve into the hard land

Deep into the road of bones
Working on the road of bones

Soft my work is nearly done
Hush I hear the lark descending
And for all the countless years to come
I need only lie awaiting

Underneath the road of bones
Underneath the road of bones.
Track Name: A Thousand Huts
Here, I'll build a town called A Thousand Huts
I marked a spot in the July dust
I'm going to season the hillside
With driftwood and rust
And with old water butts
In A Thousand Huts

Here, here in A Thousand Huts
Each has what he needs and he does what he must
It's an old kind of choir
That no man conducts
And we sing from our guts
In A Thousand Huts

All the world is steel and stone
And everyone wants to be alone

For now I'm going to live in A Thousand Huts
A tiny metropolis in continuous flux
The world may forget us
As it dives and it ducks
But the door never shuts
On A Thousand Huts
Track Name: The Day Is Loud
The railroad track is miles away
And the day is loud with voices speaking
And there's not a train goes by all day
But I hear its whistle shrieking

All night there's not a train goes by
Though the night is still for sleep and dreaming
But I see it's cinders red on the sky
And I here its engine steaming

My heart is warm with the friends I make
And better friends I'll not be knowing
Yet there's not a train I wouldn't take
No matter where its going