Staffin EP

by Hector MacInnes

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released October 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Hector MacInnes Isle Of Skye, UK

Composer, songwriter and producer from the Isle of Skye.

I also play with The Dead Man's Waltz.

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Track Name: Air Raid
My love, these are hard times
When the world turns so early
Blackouts hiding black streets
Blend the hillsides with factories

Outside this town
Stone silent seas
Why wait for the air raid?
We'll go any time you please

My love, there is no line
Between thinking and knowing
Gunfire over water
Is a faint sound but growing

So why hold your breath
And wait for the squeeze?
Why wait for the air raid?
We'll go any time you please.
Track Name: Staffin
So far and fast have I come today
Driven here from England
To England I came in pleasant company
To stand, stand by the roadside here
Looking down on Staffin Island
And here by the roadside find myself with thee

Not so fast or far from here
Even since I was a young man
I've worked and wined and wed and withered, all
But now and then the months and years
Have brought the mountain to Mohammed
I believe I've seen all I want to see of the world

Won't you tell me what you've seen
Rounding the horizon
What silver vessel flashed to you its oar
What bright sail or kelpie fair
On the surf a-riding
Where I belong we don't have such things anymore

I will tell you all I saw
But it's not what you imagine
No glittering ocean ever courted then my mind
Only shadows, shadows there
Both murderous and silent
There on Staffin Island, still, and biding time

I believe I know of what you speak
Although that may surprise you
I long ago among such shadows crept
And landed here in the dead of night
But only for fresh water
No darker purpose idled while you slept

I'll grant you this, there is a well
There among the bracken
I'll grant you still you found it only so
But you and I were servants then
Of a deeper thing than water
While we washed upon the surface there were unseen tides below

So where and when do we go from here
And who even would believe us?
The years since then have shrunk me by a third

The world it seems is a kind of place
Both beautiful and violent
Now hush that Staffin Island might have the final word.
Track Name: A Thousand Huts
Here I'll build a town called A Thousand Huts
I marked a spot in the July dust
I'm going to season the hillside with driftwood and rust
And with old water butts
In A Thousand Huts

Here, here in A Thousand Huts
Each has what he needs and he does what he must
It's an old kind of choir that no man conducts
And we sing from our guts
In A Thousand Huts

All the world is steel and stone
And everyone wants to be alone

So for now I'm going to live in A Thousand Huts
It's a tiny metropolis in continuous flux
And the world may forget us as it dives and it ducks
But the door never shuts
On A Thousand Huts